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Announcing Our Shortlist for a New Name!

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Thanks to everyone who has shared their ideas for our new team name and logo. We’ve had an overwhelming response from the community! We started with a huge list of names that we’ve shortened to just five that we think would represent our team really well. But before we choose, we want to hear from you! Here are the names and a team description for each one.

The Saanich Summit – a strong and steady team, the Saanich Summit are connected to their natural surroundings and stand in the way of their opposition as they strive for the top.

The Saanich Riptide – energetic and action-oriented, the Saanich Riptide is an unpredictable, powerful team that surprises their opposition with their speed and skill.

The Saanich Predators – a throwback for the team owners and local hockey lovers who remember The Victoria Predators, a team of high-performance players managed by the same ownership group. The Saanich Predators play with honor, using stealth, strength and teamwork to thrive against their opponents.

The Saanich Squid – clever and quick, the Saanich Squid adapt to anything their opponents throw at them on the ice and proudly play in a place surrounded by the ocean.

The Saanich Defenders – a team that knows there is strength in numbers, the Saanich Defenders work together, look out for each other and build momentum the opposition can’t handle.

Please send us your thoughts! We’re taking feedback until September 4, 2020. A new name and logo will be developed and announced in the coming weeks. Share your thoughts with us at